F'ing Bigfoot Fun!

I love them and mockery is the best form of flattery. Here's some The Soup and Chelsea Lately mocking the team and here's a few of my own lines from Live Blogging the show on Bigfoot Evidence on Sunday nights.

 Matt is ready to buy an acme rocket and jet pack himself to drop an anvil on Ranae's head. I can hear the beep beep of the roadrunner right now.

 With Bobo drunk and dancing and Matt buzzed and smiling, I think tonight might be a little bit of Deliverance.

 Ranae gives her thumbs up on the baby crying technique. I'm surprised because she does work with Matt and I'm sure she hears that entirely too much of the time.

Age old connundrum: If a tree moves in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it but Matt, does that mean it's a squatch?


  1. I knew you were a Bigfoot hater and now I have proof.

  2. Haha. Hardly! I've seen BF. I like to make loving fun of the shows that go out looking for him just like I enjoy poking fun at the ghost hunting shows.

  3. I am sure the Finding Bigfoot crew is also laughing at what these shows are saying about them. If you put yourself out there and say funny stuff, the Soup and Chelsea are going to mock you, just ask Zak Bagans.


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