Finding Bigfoot Tonight On Animal Planet

Be sure to check out my LAUGH episode before this post--I made a little fun of Matt's insane theories.

Tonight the F'ing Bigfoot show is a "best of" episode. Yes, I will be living blogging this one on Bigfoot Evidence at 1 am EST. Remember, that Cliff's blog has wonderful wrap-ups of the shows. I will not do a review tomorrow because, well, it's a best of episode.

Tonight's snack?

Buffalo Wraps:  Mix buffalo wing sauce and ranch sauce (1 part to 3 parts). Take a large leaf of lettuce, lay down a slice of thin cut deli turkey atop of it, place a carrot stick on the edge, and roll it up and dip into the sauce.


  1. I cannot wait for this! I think tonight's show is going to be a blast.

  2. I'll be there with bells on and my sassiness.

  3. I hope they have some new stuff and not just a compilation of old clips from the season. I suspect they will have some good teasers about next season's adventures at the end, though. That will be exciting to see.

  4. Wouldn't miss it for anything. Love the crew!!


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