"Finding Bigfoot" Tonight on Animal Planet

Tonight is another episode of my favorite -  F'ing Bigfoot show.

Don't forget, I'll be live blogging (MST3000'ing) the show at 1 am EST on Bigfoot Evidence. It's your place for all up to the minute BF news. Also, do not forget that Cliff Barackman does some awesome wrap-up of behind the scenes stuff you didn't know about that episode on his wicked awesome blog North American Bigfoot.

The fantastic four goes to Kentucky tonight. This state has a lot of hot sightings in recent years.

Tonight's snack--
My favorite little treat--whole grain english muffin, cream cheese, blueberries and drizzle of honey.

I will have my review of the show up tomorrow on here. Do not miss Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet tonight!


  1. Should be interesting! They are the featuring the "Kentucky Eyeshine" video. Not the most spectacular piece of video evidence, but I'm sure they will make it plenty interesting. Hope that alot of people will comment after seeing it. I always enjoy reading the feedback folks have after an episode. Love the sandles tonight, Autumn!

  2. Yum, the snack looks good. I will be watching of course....


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