Monday, February 20, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

Last night, the F'ing Bigfoot team took off for Kentucky. Not a surprisingly hot spot when you consider that both neighboring states, WV and KY are largely natural and untouched. The mining and the mountainous territory has never made the states promising for a throughway to other locations and that very rugged geology has made them ideal isolated spots with relatively little growth and lots of preserves where hunting is not allowed and BF can live in a happy game-filled wonderland.

The charming people of the GORGEOUS state of Kentucky welcomed the team in. A little moonshine and some good BBQ later, they hit the woods. Unfortunately, local hunters shooting scared them off. The team listens to some local stories. It seems the folks there run into BF fairly often and, as always, Matt proclaims all stories are true and all are legit. Everything is a BF. 

I'm picking up some hilarious angry tones with Matt in regards to Ranae's practical skepticism. He looks about to strangle her. In fact, it's reminding me a lot of this -


Watch out Ranae! Matt is shopping at the Acme company for a rocket and an anvil.

Not an eventful episode, but another awesome location, totally cool locals, Matt boasting everything is a BF, Cliff perfectly enunciating how everything points to a BF, Ranae getting annoyed with the "mythical" beast for not showing her wrong, and Bobo sizing up BF as his next best drinking buddy, makes for a typical episode. It works for me.

I'm still holding out hope that the team goes for some insane over the top season finale where they live in the woods for a week's time with them having to live together, hunt together, sit around a campfire, use themselves as bait and generally drive each other mad with close proximity. I want to feel like a Blair Witch episode with strange sounds and things circling the camp and the fire dying out and staring into darkness and noises that make them freak out. At some point, no doubt, Matt will lay into Ranae and Bobo will wander off looking for his buddy and go missing and Cliff will narrate the fiasco.

Check out my live blogging commentary on Bigfoot Evidence. And, as always, Cliff always has a wonderful insight into the backstage goings on of the episode at his North American Bigfoot blog.

Note to Cliff: You just need a gal who lives for the woods, loves home-brewed beer and Bigfoot. Plus, I hear redheads might be good BF bait. You can take it as a sign from the Squatch gods if her name is Autumnforest.

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