Monday, February 13, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

Last night, I did the live blogging on Bigfoot Evidence--my own MST3000-like commentary. Be sure to check out Cliff's blog too. He always does great followups telling the background about the show--the stuff we weren't privy to.

The team went to Virginia, my beautiful home state. It was wonderful to see Virginia again--what a beautiful and glorious state! I miss it so!

They went in search of the Woodbooger--the VA version of BF. A boogey man of the woods.

Matt was in fine form, hiding in a drippy man cave and getting testy and frustrated with Ranae. Cliff seemed like he was leading the team more and more. BoBo really wants a drinking buddy in BF. He's trying to acclimate him to his favorite foods and daydreams about BF being his own personal peeping tom. The team is just freaking adorable and it's nearly time for me to write another episode of LAUGH again. They inspire many antics with their quirky personalities.

Not a lot of excitement in this episode or thrills, but they did use ultraviolet flashlights and tracked a raccoon that stole their bait. The ATV video that brought them there was not convincing and even the man on the ATV didn't seem quite sure of what he saw. Still, a great location and a natural preserve where there is no hunting is an ideal setting.

I am excited for the next episode and I had a blast live-blogging to it.


  1. Gotta admit, I was staring at somtehing other than the bigfoot shirt. lol. ;D

  2. You know what they say about a big foot with big feet, don't you??? :oD

    Just sayin'...


  3. I love Bobo's comments. It was interesting to find out that he would welcome a Bigfoot to spy on his naked behind. Always entertaining...

  4. I though they positioned Bobo too close in their video re-enactment. The figure in the video was further away from the ATV in the original video. Very unconvincing video to begin with, though. Even the team at Fact Or Faked? passed on this one last year.