Deep Sea Creatures: Hollywood Couldn't Create These

You know that monster in the closet? In your child mind, it was whatever is most horrifying. Sometimes, it was just made of darkness and massive size but vague features. 

In the sea, there are fish we love to eat, dolphins we love to admire, and whales with all their majesty, but you go a bit deeper and conditions change and creatures take on some very macabre, beautiful and horrifying attributes. They are like all the creatures in our closet and under our bed defined.

Here's just some of the wonders (and horrors) from the sea's closet:


  1. Yes, these deep water ones are totally monster-like. I used to love to look at these in books when I was a kid...

  2. I saw that documentary/movie "Oceans" and thought it was amazing. I could not believe all the weird and unusual looking fish which live in the depths of the ocean.

  3. Some of them are SO CUTE!

    (is that weird that I think that?)

  4. And remember, Sharon, these're only a very few of the ones that've garnered our attention. I'm sure that, as time goes by, we'll encounter even more bizarre species far under the seas. I'm always especially intrigued by bioluminescence and its many functions, from attracting a mate to luring prey to scaring away predators. Some might even say that they all serve the same purpose … lol … Peace

  5. an axolotl (4th pic down) is NOT a deep sea creature. Just making that clear.

    1. Thank you! I just scrolled down here to make sure that someone had already clarified that.

      By the by, if you've never read it, the short story "Axolotl" by Julio Cortazar is a phenomenal read.


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