Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cryptid Creepies: Yeti

Yeti is a Bigfoot-like cryptid reported in Russia and Asia/Himalayas at high elevation and extremely cold conditions. In the 20th Century as more Westerners went to these regions of the world for exploration, more cases were reported of Yeti sightings and footprints.

(Wikipedia)  In 1925, N. A. Tombazi, a photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society, writes that he saw a creature at about 15,000 ft (4,600 m) near Zemu Glacier. Tombazi later wrote that he observed the creature from about 200 to 300 yd (180 to 270 m), for about a minute. "Unquestionably, the figure in outline was exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to pull at some dwarf rhododendron bushes. It showed up dark against the snow, and as far as I could make out, wore no clothes." About two hours later, Tombazi and his companions descended the mountain and saw the creature's prints, described as "similar in shape to those of a man, but only six to seven inches long by four inches wide.. The prints were undoubtedly those of a biped."

Unfortunately, over the years some have brought in hair samples which were found to be bear and a skull which was found to be a goat-like antelope of the region.

It's been reported that Josh Gates of "Destination Truth" brought back some hairs that were examined and insiders supposedly have leaked that these hairs were yeti hair. We have yet to hear those final results, but a footprint casting he obtained got a lot of attention worldwide.

This supposed film of a Yeti by some hikers is referred to as the "Snow Walker" hoax.

In general, if one believes in Bigfoot, he believes in Yeti, as well. There are theories that Yeti is a remotely evolved creature that shared a common ancestor with Bigfoot. This creature crossed the land bridge from Asia/Siberia and developed different traits to become the Bigfoot we recognize today. If we look at Native Americans we can find that some from areas further south are related to Polynesian ancestry and some from the north are more related to Asian ancestry. They are vastly different physically from their common ancestry, but are still related as part of the human races. Such would be possibly be the case for Bigfoot and Yeti--two races of the same species.

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