Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Autumnforest Crushes: Nick Brandt

If a gallery has a showing of photography, it draws me more than art. I am obsessed with the way photographers see the world. They pick up mood, emotion, context, light and dark and reveal how they view the world, what they take note of, what pulls on their emotions. I get to see the world in a completely new way when I see it through their lenses.

Nick Brandt is, admittedly, gorgeous (look above), but I never noticed his own photo until later. I was busy looking at his work and knew that this was a beautiful man. He managed to get an enormous amount of mood, atmosphere and tons of emotion from the animals he photographed. (Wikipedia) Nick Brandt is a photographer who photographs exclusively in Africa, one of his goals being to record a visually poetic last testament to the wild animals and places there before they are gone at the hands of man. He has books of his work available on Amazon.


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  1. His photos are amazing and breathtaking. It makes you wonder how long he had to wait to get that perfect picture.