Autumnforest Crushes: Director James Wan

(Isn't he delish?)

Did you like "Dead Silence"? How about "Insidious"? Well, James Wan has another haunted house movie coming up called "House of Horror."

The House of Horror is a horror-thriller that centers around a gruesome crime scene. The film is shot with a blend of found footage, interrogation video, news cameras and classical cinematography. The film focuses on the aftermath of a horrific massacre: five college students, brutally murdered inside a decrepit, abandoned home. We are thrown right into the mix as the lead Detective, Mark Lewis, and the police department’s psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, question a suspect. The young man at the center is John Ascot, bound by handcuffs in a mobile command station. During the interrogation John explains everything leading up to the deaths of his friends. We discover that they were amateur ghost-hunters, seeking out paranormal phenomenon at the abandoned house believed to be haunted. What started out as a harmless activity turned into something truly terrifying and more than they ever could bargain for. John explains to the police that he isn’t responsible for his friends’ deaths, but rather, it was the house. He tells them he believes the house is a gateway to hell, a place of concentrated evil. We slowly witness an eerie change in John's demeanor through the course of the movie. Things take a disturbing turn when John hints at the notion that he is possessed by the Devil. Detective Lewis and Dr. Klein are forced to unravel the mystery of how John’s friends were murdered. All this leads to a stunning revelation about the man they’ve been interrogating and a gut-wrenching conclusion.

This 34-year-old Malaysian born, Australian raised, Chinese heritage director was first known for the movie "Saw" and created "Billy the Puppet" (the stuff of our nightmares)

This beautiful and talented man has my crush and my total rapture. I cannot wait to see what he makes for me next.


  1. i didnt much cotton to insidious because it seemed so much like poltergist and if there just going to remake poltergist they should just call it poltergist.

    from what ive read bout proper directing ifn you want to move a story forward its best not to use exposition and all that one lady elise does is stand there and explan whats going on in the movie. when i was watching it with mayella we both said that aint right, shouldnt we come to our own conclusions?

    to me it was clear as moonshine that director boy james wan dont speak a word of english.

    He is a cute little bugger tho, i gots to admit.


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