Are You Ready For the Summer?

It's in the upper 70s/low 80s here in the desert, so I am getting summer fever big time. The means putting on some of my favorite movies that inspire me about warm weather and fun. Some movies to
inspire you about warm weather -


This also means that I have ordered this swimsuit and beach coverup to wear on a girl's road trip to Galveston-- heaven help me the next 20 weeks of rigid programming to be decent to wear this in public. Talk about motivation!

I also purchased some camping equipment including this awesome camping chair to use for UFO hunting and Bigfoot hunting, which I will be taking y'all along with me on by video and pics -

I planted my heirloom tomatoes, herbs, green beans today. Yes, it is spring here in AZ. Right now, I'm harvesting my winter purple spinach and lettuces.

You might only be able to dream about summer where you are, but consider turning the heat to a high setting and having a cool drink while watching some summer-inspired movies and maybe sit inside the window with the sunlight hitting you and dream while listening to Reggae music.

**Tonight is Deadliest hospitals and hotels on Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel--if you're in the mood for Zak Baggy Pants and the Scooby Douche team's antics.**


  1. It is close to the 90's here!!! Last year we were breaking freeze warnings and this year it is back to normal. I am not ready for the heat yet but I do like your choice of movies.


    We were this close to a snow-free winter.

    Stupid NY.

    Weekend at Bernie's is my FAV!

  3. we have a bit of spring like weather here in PDX. Low 50's, clear. Mountains are beautiful. Sasquatch no doubt coming out of hibernation this time of year. But still to early to plant my tomatoes.

  4. Stealing Beauty is one of my all time faves as well!


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