Abandoned: Forgotten

Here's some more interesting road trip finds. A neighborhood that wasn't...

And strange abandoned places...


  1. Happy Hallmark Day!
    Yeah, it looks like the neighborhood they used in the new Fright Night Movie.

  2. Again, awesome photos. That neighborhood was a bit creepy with just the two homes standing.

  3. those photos are great... the shower and the hot dog sign... i would have shot a hundred photos of those.

  4. 4th picture is my favorite. I'm not sure why... just is.

  5. Sharon, recently I got hipped to an abandoned & forgotten island in the East River of Manhattan, North Brother Island, via it having been mentioned in some online news group. You can bet that, had I known about it when I was still a native of New York, I'd've found a way to explore it & take pictures, too.

    There are another blogger's pics of the place located on their blog, here. Talk about desolate. You can actually learn more of its history, here, which is my personal favourite website on the place.

    I wonder, are we so drawn to such places, to explore them, to experience them, to bring back souvenirs, and to take pictures of them for all posterity, because we, ourselves, feel both abandoned & forgotten? Peace …

  6. Bror; I did a post on that. http://www.ghosthuntingtheories.com/2009/08/abandoned-places-north-brother-island.html
    Julie and I realize when we photograph these places, it might be the last documentation of them and more often than not, the place are demolished within 6 months.

  7. Wow, awesomeness, Sharon, and sorry that it eluded me three years ago. I think that I've realised that even though you're an urban archaeological team, you & Julie have completely different approaches; intrepid Julie, with her zeal for documenting places headed for the wrecking ball, and you with your penchant for reading places with your innate ability to psychometrise objects, places, and things.

    Another great site in New York, run by Tom Rinaldi & Rob Yasinsac, is Hudson Valley Ruins, which I might've directed you to in the past.


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