Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Do We Seek Ghostly Encounters?

Every person is different when it comes to their motivation to experience ghostly encounters.

Those of us who have had it happen, want to somehow verify it in our mind that it wasn't a fluke and then perhaps encounter it enough to come to some conclusions about what is occurring.

Others who have not encountered the unknown yet, wish to make a decision about whether it exists or not. They want to believe but they need to see.

I have known people who describe themselves as sensitives psychically and who seek out paranormal activity in order to work their skills of communication and to see if perhaps they are able to attract such energy.

Sometimes, a person seeks a thrill. He wants to have something happen to him that makes him feel fear, the startle reaction, and a moment of the unknown.

Many investigators are into the encounters as an opportunity to get evidence and to prove to others that this exists.

Here's some scenarios I know if from people who have shared with me:

"I have had weird things happen to me all my life. Everywhere I've lived, I've had activity. I now want to know why me? What is this activity? Is it following me or do I just attract it? If I do attract it, what can I do to make contact?"

"I've always liked dark stuff. I like to put myself in scary places and situations and see how I handle it. I'm always wanting to see how much I can take."

"I want to know if there's a Heaven, an afterlife. I think if I came across a ghost, I could believe there is more than just this world."

"Something happened when I was a kid in my old house I grew up in. I would like to see if I just imagined that or if such things really happen."

"I keep hoping that the more I run into this stuff, the more comfortable I'll get with the concept."

So, what reasons do you seek the unknown?


  1. It's exciting, I don't know why. Perhaps I'm a ghoul, or perhaps I'm an adventure addict!

  2. I seek the unknown because I am aware of my own ignorance.

  3. Well said. I prefer to hang with the people who keep their minds open. A lot of things we may never in our lifetime get proof of, but so long as we keep the doors open to all explanations, we become very good researchers who don't close doors on any avenue. That's why I will not commit to what a ghost is. Until we "capture" one and get some one on one time with one, we can't know what is at work. All we can know is that is can be perceived by our senses in our physical world. The possibilities are exciting. Hence, ghost hunting theories....

  4. "I want to know if there's a Heaven, an afterlife. I think if I came across a ghost, I could believe there is more than just this world."

    At the stage where I am in Life now, this idea appeals to me... re: the spirits/souls that linger, is this their idea of Purgatory?

    I can see how something like a 'residual' haunting can be like a 'hole' in time, where something plays or bleeds through... but the more intellectual hauntings... they almost have to indicate that something does happen to the power that makes us who we are...


  5. I've always been a fan of "What ifs..."

    What if we capture one on tape?

    One of the main reasons why I'm always scouring the net for good footage.