Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Is That Wacky Redhead Up To Now?

So, let me update you ...

Things have been very hectic, but I am somehow keeping up with it all.

"Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" is being released in April in print. In April, Julie and I begin shooting the 1960s version of it (the first one was a 50s version). The premise is so over the top that you would roar with laughter if I confessed it. Perhaps I will share it sometime soon. Suffice to say, I will be Colleen, the groovy Nancy Sinatra gal and Julie will be Blossom the hippie gal.

My book "Growing Up With Ghosts" with my own and my family's accounts of the haunting incidents at Aspen Grove is very close to being done -- about 10 more pages. Then, I begin the edit. I have enjoyed writing this book more than any other, trying to bring these incidents to life for the reader and to show what it's like to grow up in a haunted home from baby-age to teens. You will understand a lot about my drive behind investigating the paranormal.

Also plotted out --

"Pararnormal Geeks" Please contact me if you want to anonymously be interviewed for this book. It's about all degrees and types of people into paranormal subjects.

"Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" This has been on hold a while until Julie and I can find the means to get to West Virginia since the book is based on Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

"They Come Out At Night" About all things that are nighttime from lunacy to nightmares, fear of the dark to specters, vampires to werewolves...

"Seance In An Abandoned House" A book that combines beautiful photography in abandoned places at night with posed vignettes and ghostly images and short stories to accompany them.

I have joined a local ghost hunting team that I respect the hell out of, API (Arizona Paranormal Investigations) I will not share house call cases, but I would like to share the experiments we will be doing at some public haunted locales from jails to B&Bs and more.

Expect very soon on the blog to see a slew of photos and videos done on a recent road trip. I hope to blow your minds.

How is my love life? Well, I don't lack males wanting to hang with me, but I am keeping myself too busy to concentrate on that aspect right now. It doesn't mean I don't have a delicious crush from afar...


  1. You are an excellent (and comely) addition to API.

    I like this passage from their disclaimer: "... we also believe that there are things beyond our current level of understanding."

  2. Wow you have a lot of pokers in the fire!

  3. "Seance In An Abandoned House" Excited about this one. Can't wait.

  4. Oh, Sharon, you gno that I wish you & Liz all the best, whether it's your immersion in horror fiction or yet another stellar outing to investigate, confirm, & explain the absolute real dealio. And I'm soooo hoping that the two of you can hang here in the Old Dominion, once you get it sorted out as to when to do your projected Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum gig. Peace …

  5. Julie, my apologies. I'm sorry that I inadvertently called you Liz. Why did I say Liz? My insomnia has got to stop. Best wishes. Peace …