What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

I don't know why wintertime makes me crave the very thing I've never had cravings for in my life - ice cream. It had me wondering what flavor I would be.

I think it'd go something like this -- ginger, cherries and nuts. I'd call it "Autumnforest Offerings" with a kind of Christmas Yule Gift theme. A holiday tradition.

Although, I'm more of a Halloween person, so perhaps it would go something like this --
Pumpkin, chocolate nibs and nuts - "Autumnforest's Halloween Eve."

I just know nuts have to be in there somewhere....

What would your flavor be?


  1. Is it winter ?
    It feels more like summer right now .

  2. It was 78 here today which might explain why I'm thinking about ice cream.

  3. It was 28 DEGREES yesterday by us.

    1) Chocolate Chip Raspberry Crunch Icecream... With Fresh Whipped Cream.

    (I'm dieting, can you tell?)

    Did you see the FBF episode that was in Duchess County NY? THAT'S BY ME! Want to come VISIT?


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