Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tonight on Syfy

"Ghost Hunters" and "Face Off" are on Syfy tonight! In Ghost Hunters, TAPS takes their cameras under water in Tennessee to search a graveyard that’s said to be cursed by a fallen Indian Chief. Jason and Grant are seen traveling by boat to a mausoleum the Indian Chief is said to cause disturbance. The team places their camera in a water proof container and gets as close to entrance as possible when all of a sudden to see something pop out from down under. Watch the all new sneak peek and tune in to a new episode Wednesday, January 25the to find out what it could be! In Face Off, the competition heats up as the final 12 contestants vie for rock album cover at immorality. While some are well on their way to finishing their pieces, Tara and Brea face some unexpected challenges with theirs. With only a few minutes left on the clock, these contestants are left having to think fast about how to handle their situations.

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