Tasmanian Tiger: Doyle Footage 1973

"Doyle Footage" In Southern Australia in 1973, a couple captured on film what everyone thought was a thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) thought to be extinct since the 1930s.

This creature was seen within a one mile radius several times that year and appeared to have stripes on its hind quarters. It was said that because it's hindquarters were strong and its tail was long, it had the right proportions to be a Tasmanian Tiger. This is one I'd like to see Josh Gates go looking for on "Destination Truth."

I think there is a very good possibility the thylacine still exists. There are plenty of places in the wild of Tasmania/New Guinea and Australia for residuals ones to reside.

There is an awesome site ("Where Light Meets Dark") that did a great analysis of the video frame by frame. After observing the frames against a thylacine's photos, knowing the body characteristics and movements, they came to the conclusion it they could not conclude it could only be a thylacine, but it did meet the requirements.

I am not sure why I am so fascinated with thylacines, perhaps it's because that part of the world houses such exotic and intriguing creatures.  Perhaps it's the dog-like appearance, marsupial posture, strange stripes, long snout. It is a very odd creature in every way as if it were cobbled together by Dr. Frankenstein. I certainly hope they do still exist because their reported extinction was caused by man. Perhaps letting them breed in the wild and attack cattleman's livestock is not a good thing, but to have a few to observe and, now that we had DNA sequencing, understand their relationship with other animals, would be a boon to science.