Monday, January 9, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Bad Moves Boys!

Boys, let's look at this scenario: You hook up with someone that gets you all worked up and bothered. You tell her right off, she's beautiful, sexy, and you are totally into her. She smiles, giggles, flirts. You try a little move on her. She's receptive. You hook up. Wham! Within 24-48 hours you have her in bed.

Fast forward a few months/years down the road and you go in with the same moves on your girl and she's angry, snappy, standoffish, and annoyed.

What happened?

I'm going to tell you a little secret about girls. Yeah, we're freaking insecure about our looks, especially as long as you boys are looking Playboy and oogling Angelina Jolie and the Victoria's Secret models. We are as susceptible to compliments as anyone. In fact, we figure that real love means the man loses his head, he adores us so much, he cannot control himself. To us, romance means being swept off our feet, but reality shows us that just means we land on flat on our backs with our panties around our ankles.

It's to our detriment to make a relationship with any man who came on hot and fast, got us into bed quickly and showered us with compliments and talked about sex right away. We know that later on. In fact, we freaking resent it.

There's no surprise to the woman why you picked her. It wasn't because you'd gotten to know each other and adored each other's company. It's because she had breasts just the way you like them and hair just the way you want it and wore cute little lingerie. That woman later on builds up anger that the only time you approach her is for the reason you picked her, which wasn't her brain, her quirky love of all things leopard skin, or the way she chews on her lip when she's reading. Women who started in a relationship like that, they silently resent knowing that it was never about them, but about their form.

A secret single women talk about all the time is that the men who go right for the sex talk and naughty stuff right away make all our warning bell go off. Sure, maybe a guy to jump into bed with, never a man to try to make a relationship with. Who would trust a man who pushes sex right away? He's obviously making choices with his dick. Which means he's impulsive and full of his own needs first and the first guy to cheat on us. So, those gals who stay in those relationships and try to make something of it, resent the hell out of the men.

So, guys, if your gal is ever annoyed when you start the sex dance, snappy, withholding, or distracted, you might want to review how you first approached her because you are continuing to approach her the same way and she is now feeling like an object and not a woman who is precious and worthy of your time or effort.

She's hating that she was so easy and she's hating you for realizing that.


  1. Wait, there are some women that are EASY?

    When the heck did THAT happen? I missed out!

  2. @ Budda, hahaha!

    I thought this was sincerely insightful, well written and informative.

    Well done! Here's a cyber high five coming at ya!!

  3. Thanks Lil'
    I shouldn't give men our secrets, but these kinds of secrets, need to be shared.

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