Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scary Place: Haunted Desert Location

Julie and I went to a wicked out-of-the-way historic locale for a little impromptu ghost hunt and urban exploration road trek.
We went to a location called Kirkland, AZ and a particular historic building called the Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse. (This is actually up for sale, folks)
This old site had the top floor burn down long ago. It was a bordello and a Well's Fargo stop. In fact, the safe is still inside a concrete room from 1880.
In one of the dining halls, the 18-20 foot high ceiling had finger prints and dragging finger marks show up on the ceiling.
A madam named Mary had her throat slit in 1916. She is seen in the dance floor area. Here's the charming and creepy story... The restaurant bought some wood from a chicken coup in nearby Skull Valley. It was put onto the walls of the dance floor area and over time, Mary's face showed up on the wood and gets darker and more prominent over time --
People have reported photographic anomalies. I got one myself. I take meticulous steps when photographing and I cannot explain it. I took the shot again just to be sure and it was gone.
We did some EVP sessions that I have yet to listen to -- so many photos and videos! One room supposedly had a man ghost seen there and even photographed. I didn't get anything, but we did hear music a few times during the night that we were warned about. Considering the place is in the middle of nowhere and there are no TVs or music in the rooms--very rustic, and we were the only guests--it was pretty impressive. The place was amazing and what a history and active feeling site. I hope to go back and do a full study there. It warrants further investigation.

At one point, I put some music on the jukebox -
I sat down on the sofa and talked to the bartender and Julie when I kept looking behind me. I had an image in my mind of a tall, slender, gaunt-looking cowboy, thumbs in his back pockets of his jeans, leaning forward, stoop shouldered, to listen to us talk. I could see in my mind a light gray hat, thick hair and mustache of a light color and sunken cheeks, weatherworn skin. I don't know why I got such a strong visual, but I kept looking to see if he was there. The place is double thumbs up for an amazing AZ historic haunted find.


  1. Sorry I missed the trip. The place looks awesome. Is there a story to go with the fingerprints on the ceiling?

  2. It's for sale? I say we all pool our money and make it a clubhouse.

  3. Awesome. Hoping to do a little ghost hunting myself this weekend.

  4. I have a cowboy hat ... I'm ready for the next trip.

  5. Looks like there is a sexy face in that wood. lol

  6. That place is awesome! The story about the fingerprints is that the drag marks and fingerprints showed up recently. They have no idea how it was possible. The owners don't have any tall ladders and the ceiling is extremely high. The second story of the building had burned down at one time and I think that's rather intriguing. Barry, I would so love to take bloggers with us on our insane trips. We laugh so hard, our stomach muscles hurt and we go to place we probably shouldn't be wandering around. We are curious creatures. I hope to be able to take y'all along on more trips. I have another one coming up soon to a very very remote place and I hope to totally Josh Gates the experience on video for everyone and a nighttime hunt that will be very unusual.

  7. The place was very rustic and has a great history. I would like to see someone buy the place and keep lots of the decor the same. The creepy finger marks and Mary's face need to remain.