Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plan for 2012: Missile Silos For Sale!

Hey, you're interested in getting a new property but maybe want something ready for December 21, 2012? Hey, you might want to shop around--the country has plenty of missile silos for sale --
Want a Titan silo near Denver? 210 total acres. Very rare piece of history – only 18 built. Massive 45,000 + sq. ft. of underground floor-space. Many unique possibilities for commercial or private usage. Serious and capable buyers only. Price: $2,800,000.
How about a missile site in Southeastern Indiana (near Cincinnati)? 14 + acres. 45 min drive to the Cincinnati airport. Has three underground missile magazines 5,000 sq. ft. each. One missile magazine is converted to residential with a kitchen, 4 BR, 2 bath, exercise room, jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool. Another is converted into a shop and garage. High security fencing, paved access and 4 stall horse barn. Price $1.5 million
How about a silo with landing strip in Upstate New York Adirondack State Park area? Most highly developed Atlas F site, part of exclusive airport subdivision on (FAA approved) 2050' runway. Low taxes, privacy, security, and unlimited possibilities. No other like it anywhere. Home and Silo only. More than 20 acres of adjoining land available as an additional purchase. Price $800,000


  1. OOOoh. Let me get my wallet... errr.... Steve Jobs OLD wallet.

  2. Totally buying me a missile silo!

  3. Oh yeah! I can see me doing my crafts in a place like that. I wonder if they will take a check?

  4. I think if you owned one of these, suddenly all your neighbors want to be your best friend.

  5. That would be incredibly rad to have a missile silo home!

    I think this is the first time I wish I had a million dollars or so lol.

  6. i have always said that if i hit the lottery i am getting me one!

  7. From the movie Armageddon (1998)--

    Colonel William Sharp: [In response to Rockhound riding the nuclear warhead] Get off... the nuclear... warhead.