Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paranormal Trauma

Bio Channel

For many, having a paranormal or unexplained experience can be intriguing and exciting. For others, it can be traumatizing... sometimes to a debilitating point in their lives. Issues such as fears/phobias, nightmares, insomnia, withdrawal/isolative behaviors, difficulties at work or at home, disconnect from family/friends can result. As with any trauma, the effects can take an emotional and sometimes physical toll. But with therapeutic assistance, you don’t have to let the effects overwhelm your life. You can overcome it. This documentary-type show is aimed at helping those who’ve been traumatized by a past paranormal or supernatural encounter. The program will be driven by the personal stories of individuals who are struggling to cope with the emotional and unsettling aftermath of their experience(s). They will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist specialized in trauma in working through their fears and anxiety.


Here's a link to see it online. 


  1. While I certainly believe that people can be traumatized by most anything (it's all about perception), I also know that these shows like to tell over-the-top stories and are neither concerned with the veracity of the witness or the verisimilitude of their re-enactments. In my years of research, I have found precious little to support claims of Amityville/Poltergeist level demonic entities who come to terrorize. I have, however, seen plenty examples of people who respond to typical hauntings as if they were. It's likely here that we find true trauma, a trauma that might be hard to discuss. So, if these witnesses recount their experience with a bit too much enthusiasm, I might put this in the same category as A Haunting.

  2. This show is totally made up. I know Erica from the first episode and she is a certifiable loon. The only strange thing associated with that house is her.