Monday, January 23, 2012

Paranormal News: Autumnforest Views

Chinese tourists taking video through glass into a cathedral in Scotland got what they think is the image of Princess Di's ghost. 

Well, as an investigator, I can tell you that pariedolia (seeing shapes and interpreting them as an object) is so common, it can make you cross-eyed dealing with it. Here's a great example. Do you see the head of Jesus on this photo below?

Look closer. It's a couple holding a baby on the father's lap. The baby is wearing a bonnet which makes what looks like Jesus's forehead and the baby's shadowed face is what looks like Jesus's eye socket.

Baby Bigfoot swinging in a tree? Look at the tree's response to the "swinging baby ape?" A black trash bag from the campground caught in the tree--the tree does not move. It is obviously caught on a branch and fluttering. It catches the breeze easily like a lightweight sail.


  1. ……. oh … my … gods! … Sharon, you win the synchronicity award of the day. Ya see, I wuzz just researching Lady Diana's own personal designer fragrance … Isis … named after the Egyptian goddesss of fertility, last night, encouraged by an archived four-hour-long podcast with this sadly gone young researcher, Rik Clay, whom some claim was assassinated, and didn't commit suicide. Peace & best wishes in the Year of the (Water) Dragon …

  2. Wind-swept trash bags around the world agree: being mistaken for a baby Bigfoot is hilarious.