Monday, January 16, 2012

Paranormal News: Autumnforest Views

This is a new series, y'all. It's the paranormal news every Monday, but my views on it. I'm going to be snarky, skeptical, ridiculous and hopefully, witty. Enjoy! – An ocean exploration team led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg has found what some are suggesting is a crashed flying saucer. Lindberg explained to local media that his crew discovered, on the 300-foot-deep ocean floor between Finland and Sweden, “a large circle, about 60 feet in diameter. You see a lot of weird stuff in this job, but during my 18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this. The shape is completely round.”

Autumnforest: Well, well, well, a circular shape in nature... When does that happen? It wouldn't happen in say, an underwater volcano???
From my favorite paranormal news site, Cryptomundo, is a post about a Yowie (Australian Bigfoot) supposedly killing a local dog.
In the Darwin area of Australia, a couple's puppy was found with its head torn from its body. Apparently, this isn't the first time an animal has been found with its head torn from its body.
Autumnforest: Now, we have a saying in the medical field "if you see hoofprints, think horses not zebras." This might be applied in this situation since there is a fair dingo population in the region.


  1. My sentiments exactly.

    If there are 1000 reasons for a hoot in the night, the wood ape is reason #1000.

  2. I think that this a perfect example of how paranormal TV can be bad for the paranormal field. Is it a bigfoot peeking into a window or a bear? Is it a message from the beyond or a random blinking flashlight? When you exhaust the natural explanations then it is time for unnatural theories.

  3. Being involved with the paranormal or esoteric studies does not mean that you check your brain at the door . . . it should mean that you now have an opportunity to use the gray matter to look into the mysteries.