Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paranormal Geeks--Be In My Book!

(Yeah, me and my team on a Bigfoot hunt)

I am writing a book "Paranormal Geeks." This is a book interviewing (anonymously) geeks who are into paranormal subjects of all types, from furries to SciFi convention nerds, from ghost hunters to Bigfoot freaks, from avid horror fans to Goths. If it's unexplainable and you are into it from any degree, whether it's books and movies or actually indulging in a lifestyle, I want to hear from you!

Here are my questions. Please send answers to

1. Was there anything about your upbringing that influenced your love of paranormal subjects?
2. Do you read books on the subject, actively pursue encounters, go to famous places involved in your favorite subject, or collect items related to it? Be specific. I'd like to hear favorite titles, places, items you collect, costumes, et cetera.
3. What is it about this subject that appeals so much to you?
4. Have you ever felt you had to hide your interest in paranormal subjects?
5. Do you have anyone in the realm of movies, writing, anime, cartoons, poetry, art, or research that you admire in the paranormal category?
6. Have you ever considered writing about a paranormal subject?
7. Have your interests influenced your favorite music, fashion, decorating or other self-expression means?
8. What would your paranormal nickname be (this will be your name in the book)?

Thanks y'all!

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