Saturday, January 14, 2012

Orbs Faces

"Eyes Without a Face" Billy Idol

In honor of the ongoing desire by some to see faces in orbs, I dedicate these adorable little lovelies as proof that some of their faces are just downright goofy....

Personally, I like the ones that are smiling (above)

  This documentary "Invasion of the Dark Stars" is totally ridiculous, but at the same time strangely creepy as hell. It actually gave me nightmares after seeing it which says that I was able to suspend my reality enough to be sucked into this demented world of looking for the unseen in photographs and video. This particular scene is about a man who sees faces and things insides of orbs. Enjoy--his chart with sketches of the types of orbs is priceless. Go right to 5:20 on the video and, well, keep a straight face. (You can find the documentary in parts on YouTube "Invasion of the Dark Stars" and it's actually a pretty fun watch).


  1. That was that creepy, "he is not really saying this is he?" way.

    As usual, thanks for sharing


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  3. Orbs. Yeah, right. Tragic, really, that these recent photographic artifacts from the era of digital photography are actually taken for … ahem! … face value by otherwise legitimate investigators in the ghost-hunting & paranormal fields. Nonetheless, they've inspired me to do artwork based on 'em if nothing else.

    Thanks for the recommend. Now you have got to see the French horror movie, Eyes Without A Face, one of the weirdest, moodiest, most stylish horror movies ever to come out of 1960, with its 1950's French art film aesthetic still intact.

    You're continuously one of the most engaging bloggers in the blogosphere, Sharon, one whose blogticles I often re-post on my page in facebookland. Continued best wishes for world domination in the Year of the (Water) Dragon ~ AQE