Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oily Man: Orang Minyak

(1976 "The Oily Maniac")

A rural district in Malaysia has a legend of the oily man (aka Orang Minyak).

For some locals, he is considered a supernatural creature and for others he is a warlock who coats himself in oil to be impossible to catch.

He is said to leave an oily trail.

What does he do? Sometimes, he steals items from villagers, and he is most notably associated with the rape of village virgins.

The citizens actually take turns with machetes guarding their village and the virgins.

Kampung Laksamana has reported continual problems with orang minyaks. Citizens report, "one is tall, stocky and bald while the other is thin and curly haired."

"I saw the bald orang minyak hiding behind the water tank of a house at about two in the morning. It was breathing really loudly, like a cow." A resident, Aslam Khan reported. "It was black and shiny. When I shone my light on it, the thing stuck out its head to look back at me. Before I could do anything, it climbed up the roof and disappeared."

Khan reported they also found the possible spot where the orang minyak conducts its ritual of reciting jampi (mantra) and having an oil bath. The villagers stumbled across the spot after chasing the orang minyak into some bushes next to the flat [...] The residents have been carrying out patrols from midnight to dawn. Every now and then, a team of youngsters can be seen riding their motorbikes in a convoy around the neighborhood.

If this is an urban legend, it is really creative and creepy!


  1. "The citizens actually take turns with machetes guarding their village and the virgins." Hilarious.

  2. Haha. Yeah. Something tells me those virgins are losing it by more mortal means.

  3. How did this one get by me? I didn't know this urban legend.....very creepy!

  4. I wonder if it's not just a dude dressed up in some creepy oily suit taking advantage of people's fears to rape them. If it's an old legend, I wonder if more than one generation could have attempted the same masquerade.

    But still...that's a brave move if the villagers are guarding their virgins with machetes.