Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nature Energy

I took some pics of things that moved me when I saw them on our road trip. I kid around a LOT on the road, but I also stop and just soak up nature and beauty. I love to photograph and I love to paint and draw and use places as locations in my writing. Sometimes, I just want to get in tune spiritually with the land and the feel. Each place has a different spiritual harmonic frequency (that sounds very New Age for a Virgo logic-minded person), but some time sit by the ocean or sit in a snow filled field and notice the different energy that your body and mind feel. It is unique for each locale. Here are photos of some of the "energies" I felt on the recent road trip....


  1. Your pictures turned out so good. They look like paintings.

  2. Thanks, sis. I hope to get a better camera some time. I am limited by how freaking bright it is when I photograph and I need more polarizing effects.