Munsters Vs Addam's Family: VOTE!

"The Munsters" This 1960s show was about a family of friendly monsters have misadventures never quite realizing why people react to them so strangely.

Herman Munster (father)Fred Gwynne
Lily Munster (mother) Yvonne De Carlo
Grandpa Al Lewis
Eddie Munster (son) Butch Patrick
Marilyn Munster (niece) Pat Priest

"The Addams Family" 1960s (IMDB)The Addams Family is not your typical family: They take delight in most of the things that "normal" people would be terrified of. Gomez Adams is an extremely wealthy man, and is able to indulge his wife Morticia's every desire: be it cultivation of poisonous plants, or a candlelit dinner in a graveyard. People visiting the Addams Family just don't seem to appreciate the 7 foot tall butler "Lurch" or the helping hand (which is just a disembodied hand named "Thing."

Morticia Addams (mother) Caroline Jones
Gomez Addams (father) John Astin
Lurch (servant) Ted Cassidy
Uncle Fester (uncle) Jackie Coogan
Pugsly Addams (son) Ken Weatherwax
Wednesday (daughter) Lisa Loring
Grandma Addams (grandma) Marie Blake

This is a sign of the passion--someone recreated the Munsters' home....

Time to put in your votes--

Which one had the scariest stuff? (I pick "The Adaam's Family")
Which one had the best house? (I pick "The Munsters" - love the dragon)
Which one had the best characters? (I pick "The Munsters")
Which show had the best opening (above vids)? (I pick "The Addams Family" because of the finger snapping.
Which one did you watch the most? (I pick "The Munsters")


  1. There has always been a special place in my heart for The Munsters!

  2. I have both Lily and Morticia tattoo'd as part of my sleeve :)

    Which one had the scariest stuff?
    I would say the Addam's Family due to their taxidermy, hands and hairy creatures that were relatives and their man eating plants (gotta love Cleopatra).

    Which one had the best house?
    The Munsters is my dream house (never have to dust ha ha). I have a light model of it that sits on a shelf next to my Munster memorabilia.

    Which one had the best characters?
    I have to pick the Munsters. I am a bit obsessed with their characters ha ha.

    Which show had the best opening (above vids)?
    I pick the Munsters as I love the whole 50's normal family sitcom feel that has the Munsters twist on it. Me and my husband actually were pronounced husband and wife and left the alter followed by our wedding party to the Munsters theme song ;)

    Which one did you watch the most?
    The Munsters. But I do have both shows complete seasons on DVD to watch till my creepy little heart is content.

  3. Fantastic! I never understood why I didn't adore the Addam's family as much--it had darker themes, but I think the lovey dovey thing between the lead characters just bored me. I wanted to hear Herman's laugh and stomping and "Spot" the dragon. I always felt for Marilyn too. Haha

  4. I think I agree with you across the board... The "Characters" one was hard because my favorite character of all of them is "Thing." However, I've always thought The Munsters overall were more interesting.

  5. Tough call, since I love both shows. Being forced to choose, it's The Munsters for me - but by a VERY narrow margin!

    (I'll bet Tim Burton would choose The Addams Family!)

  6. I'm going to be the upstream fish and say Addams Family here.

    Why? Lurch. Butler, musical genius, and in an "A vs B" fight he would take Herman on and win.

    Plus Cousin It. All that hair... how could you NOT love it!

  7. Morticia... I'd nail her in a heartbeat!!!!



  8. Oh, everyone loves Morticia. She played that role beautifully.

  9. Why can't I find a woman like Morticia? Although Elvira ain't so bad *wink*

  10. Well, how about a sassy redhead who shares Elvira's birthday? Who loves horror? You can't blame a girl for trying, Barry.

  11. Both are favorites, but if a gun were held to my head to choose. I would go with The Munsters. Grandpa was a genius ! Could you imagine having to clean up after Spot in the backyard? I bet you that yard had a smell going on.

  12. Max--I agree about Grandpa. I wanted a Grandpa like that!

  13. Munsters....Grandpa's coffin hotrod...

  14. First of all, I have to go on record as saying I love 'The Munsters'... however... and I know this will come as a shock, considering my avatar, but I definitely pick 'The Addams Family' as the winner. My father had books of Charles Addams' work, so at a very young age I was already very familiar with the source material, as well as the TV show. 'The Munsters' are fabulous, but 'The Addams Family' blows my mind. The irony is delectable: The Addams Family are portrayed as dark, macabre and disturbing, and yet they are fiercely loyal, gracious, and generous to a fault. The "normal" people on the show, however, are usually greedy, rude, and self-serving.

    I loved the relationship between Gomez and Morticia too. It broke all the rules by showing a married couple who were actually completely mad about each other. There was also a subtly to the show in that the family were somewhat of an enigma. They weren't monsters, they were simply odd and inexplicable.

  15. That should have been "subtlety". See I told you, 'The Addams Family' blows my mind! Haha.


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