"Maximum Overdrive" Reviewed

"Maximum Overdrive" is a 1986 movie with an impressive cast; Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Yeardley Smith, and more faces you will recognize.

This technology-goes-awry theme is played out nicely. Like most movies, it sets up the characters who will be trapped together--a nice mix that doesn't mix nicely (think of "The Mist" or "Langoliers").

Stephen King actually directed this one himself. I understand as a writer that desire. I would love to direct a movie made from "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" because as I worked on it, I saw how it would play out; however, someone without technical know-how about cameras and editing, this can be rough. Still, the premise of this movie makes it totally rock. We all wonder what would happen if technology went after us and nowadays with out technology being much more advanced than 25 years ago, it would be fun to see this redone and I normally am not into remakes--but definitely worth it in this case because the original movie was not a beautifully done one and an update would make it oh so creepy!

I would like to thank Mr. King for the usage of the AC/DC tune "Who Made Who." You know how pretty women and puppies sell on commercials? Well, movies just have more impact with a kicking soundtrack! If you enjoyed "Joy Ride," "Duel," "Tremors," or "Hitcher," you will enjoy this one. It's just a fun watch!


  1. joy ride was so scary and this looks like another thrilling horror classic :)
    im in for the ride

  2. Oh Yeah The 80's ..
    I remember this movie well .
    If they made a remake, they might have to add in some serious special effects,and rename it "The Transformers"... Oh wait , it's been done!

  3. I haven't seen this movie in a long time. What a classic....

  4. pretty women and puppies?! Sign me up!! :D

  5. i loved this film, green goblin and all... should we be concerned that it's the setting for a total electronic upheaval... in that case i love you computer... i love you dvd player.

  6. I would HATE to see this re-made. They would never get it right. For one, they would not include any of the scenes where the little leaguers get run over the the steamroller. They got a lot fo shit for including those scenes back in 1986- no way would Hollywood let them get away with that now. Plus, the death scenes were done so bloody well done- literally- I don't see how they can be topped. They would likely take out much of the live action and put alot of stupid cartoonish CGI effects in their place and make this look like some ridiculous Transformers Gone Wild movie! The effects of 1986 were primitive, but they looked real as hell and were much more effective than anything I see Holllywood making today.


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