Is Bigfoot Flesh and Blood?

A lot of people complain, "why don't we have physical evidence of the cryptid if it exists?" The very elusiveness of the Sasquatch has brought about some intriguing theories to satisfy those who believe but cannot provide proof:

UFOs are also sighted where BF is seen, so he must be a visiting alien.

He is interdimensional, which is why he can show up and then vanish.

He is a Native American shapeshifter/wendigo.

He is the residual ghostly image of a being that once lived in America but is extinct now.

There is a lack of open-mindedness and a bit of downright snobbery amongst the Bigfoot enthusiasts. Sure, it's fine to believe in a (as of now) mythical creature in the woods that we haven't yet captured, but they draw the line at other explanations for these sightings. No one should cast stones in the field of research because tossing out theories is one way we learn to discern what something is by excluding what it probably is not.

Given that there are footprints and odors associated with BF sightings often, the concept of a residual ghost is less likely.

Now, if a spaceship is stopping and dropping off BFs so they can have a roadside potty break, I'd think we wouldn't just have people reporting UFOs in the area, we'd have them reporting them landing in the woods or hovering over them. Since this is a rather extraordinary explanation that involves enormous travel across the galaxy, aliens and biological creatures being dropped into the woods, I'd say this doesn't follow Occam's Razor, i.e. the easiest explanation is the most likely.

So far as Wendigos and Shapeshifters, you have my attention there because we are talking about a creature seen most often in conjunction with Reservation land, but still the concept that a human can add so much mass upon transforming is rather mystical. If one were to follow this belief, he would have to include that these shapeshifters can skew our perceptions so that we think we are seeing something they are imitating.

Given that it appears to have hair it leaves behind, footprints, odor, screams, and tree limb breaks, we must assume this is a biological life form and the odors are good old bacteria and musk that all creatures in the wild are susceptible to (as well as humans).

I am of the "it's a real cryptid" camp, but I am not going to shoot down anyone who has other takes on it. Sometimes, to believe in something, you must change around the explanation so it fits your style, kind of like billions of people believing in God, but having many religions. All things lead to Him, but by different avenues of perception. 


  1. Excellent piece, Sharon, and thanks for doing it. have you ever seen the horror movie, Wendigo? I couldn't take it seriously, what with them using the kid actor who plays Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle. Still, it's a good film.

    I've told you before that one of the Fae allies that one of my spiritual mentors, the Magus Robert John Stewart, has scout out new places for him that he's never been to before … Jack … resembles a Sasquatch. Others with the Second Sight who meet RJ Stewart have also been able to perceive Jack, too.

    So, the debate rages on. On one hand, there's the cryptid-seeking cryptozoological crowd looking for fur/hair samples, footprints, scat, even blood and urine specimens, and then there're those of us who contend Sasquatch/Bigfoot is an ephemeral being somehow capable of materialising & de-materialising at will. Well, will we ever find out what it is? With intrepid investigators like you, Sharon, I daresay that some day we will.

    Best wishes for cracking the mystery,
    Anadae Quenyan Effro

    1. Little Finger is an even bigger mystery; not many people have heard of that tiny entity lurking in the swamps have they?

      Hadman the Madman

  2. Bigfoot is a manifestation by spiritual beings.It's no different from mothman,the Jersey Devil and other weird creatures that have been seen.


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