Sunday, January 15, 2012

History Repeating Itself?

(Me on the left at 20, maternal grandma on the right at 20)
(above; my two sisters, brother and me as a baby and below that my father, his 3 sisters from Norway at Ellis Island)

As a paranormal investigator and, more importantly, as someone who witnessed "ghostly" activity as a child, the question has always come to mind whether history sort of repeats a loop of limited scenarios that record themselves and replay, even in the DNA. Interesting how my paternal grandmother had two daughters, a son and then another daughter. My mother did the same.  It's strange how much I look like my maternal grandmother, even being slightly wider on the right side of my face from the eye to the temple--like her. DNA might account for the looks, but the repetition of birthing patterns, even down to one sister being light, the other dark and being close in age, is quite amazing.

I inherited a clock from my father's childhood home in Norway. When I was growing up, he kept it on his dresser with a photo inside of his family in Norway when he was little. He would sometimes open the clock, pick up the picture and look at it and put it back inside and close the door. when my mother passed away, I inherited the clock. I found the photo in her belongings and put it back inside where it belonged. Then, I looked at the cord and wondered--can it still work? So, I plugged it in and it ticked! I opened the window, pulled out the picture and looked up and for a moment, I didn't see the room I was in. I saw a huge cavernous room with high ceilings and velvet drapes and portraits set atop of other portraits on the high wall. I looked down at the picture as if I might be dreaming and looked up again and the room was gone. I was back in my room. I set the picture inside, unplugged the clock for safety's sake, and went about my business. Later, more items arrived from her estate including the photos from my father's parent's wedding in Norway at the family home. My hand trembled when I lifted the photo and realized that was the exact room I saw when I turned on the clock and looked at the family photo.

So, does history somehow repeat itself one way or the other?


  1. Interesting. There had been times when I can vividly see places in my mind I know I have never been to. One was an old town in Italy. My grandparents are from Italy. I just chalked it up to a very intense dream but now I wonder if it was something else.

    1. People call it DNA memories and I believe that. I get deja vu in the weirdest moments that are new to me.

  2. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  3. interesting thoughts...great post!

  4. Spot on! I think there are hidden histories in families, and your post comes close to getting at that. Very interesting!

  5. So your saying maybe memories are transferred through DNA? Certainly seems plausible. We have instincts that do the same, why not memories.

  6. Well it would seem some things get transferred instinctively...maybe it is DNA memory. Maybe more things get transferred than just natural instincts.