Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway Syfy Flipcam! & Other Giveaway

Syfy is the channel this blog supports fully. I adore it, quirks and all. I was thrilled when they offered a Flipcam for a giveaway to the devoted readers.

Here's a sample of what you can do with a flipcam (below)--I ADORE MINE! I even wore out my first one and had to get another. In under 3 minutes you can put together a movie, add music if you want, and upload it to YouTube and be ready to view online or send by email to someone. The software is in the camera. You just plug its onboard jack into the USB and click and drag scenes. You can even take still shots from frames. So simple!

Here's some shows to look forward to on Syfy

"Face Off" (makeup artists compete in horror movie makeup on Wednesdays)
"Ghost Hunters" (the original ghost hunting show on Wednesdays)
"Being Human" (Syfy original show on Mondays
1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Live in the 48 contiguous states
3. Comment below by telling me which of those three shows you like best) and do this by 11 pm this evening (EST)

Tomorrow morning, I will announce the winner--good luck you lucky readers!
Haven't had enough? I have another giveaway going on at Julie and I's Zombie Housewives blog!


  1. I think "Face Off" is going to be my new favorite show! Finally a reality show I can like!

  2. hey... lady, you are once again the best...i am into the "being human" though i don't watch it as much as i should...


  3. I agree with NITEBYRD,

    FACE OFF is an amazing show.

    It shows all the hard work that goes in to the movie monsters that we have all grown to love (and fear)....

    It gives you an appreciation for the amazing work that is done on set, and how patient that actors must be to go through the intense treatments.

    I think it's awesome.

    It makes me want to learn!
    And then go scare some people!

    Who's in?

  4. Oh face off for sure!

    I hope I'm not too late! lol.

  5. Ghost Hunters is still my favorite. They were the very first of their kind- the pioneers of tv ghost hunting. Jay and Grant have always conducted themselves with professionalism, even if that has sometimes resulted in a less entertaining product then, let's say... Ghost Adventures? Plus, I have to think many of us were first imspired to pick up an EMF meter (who knew what that was before GH?) by this show. They are truly legends in the field who have always maintained their integrity and never caved into sacrificing that integrity for tv ratings or shock value. I have to admire that. To me, even if Ghost Hunters is not the must see tv event it once was- it is still one of the best at what it does and Jay & Grant will always be my personal heroes.

  6. I haven't had the change to see either Face Off or Being Human. Both shows sound awesome, though.

    I enjoy Ghost Hunters, but at this point it has nothing to do with their "investigations". I enjoy seeing the sites and learning their backstory and history. Not to mention, the buddy dynamic between Steve and Dave is HILARIOUS!

  7. I enjoy "Being Human" I think that the Syfy version is better than the original British version.

  8. I love Face Off. I like watching not only the stress they go through while making their creations, but seeing the end product.

  9. Face Off is pretty cool. I like that show

  10. I love Faceoff these young adults are so talented in their art,makeup and imagination. My heart pounds at every competition wondering if their going to make the deadline. Ghost Hunters I have never missed an episode even though I know it's for entertainment it is the closest show in investigating and debunking the paranormal which is my passion. Being human I have never watched. A short note to say thank you so much for your blog a place I can come to and read my lifes passion.

  11. My favorite is Face Off. I was always fascinated with creatures and special effects from horror films so getting to see people make these things on tv is pretty fun for me.

  12. i like face off due to see how the see us demons and the horrifying art hehehe reminds me of home evil smile

  13. While I like Face Off, I'm going to say Being Human. I like both versions but love the Syfy one more.

  14. "Being Human" is the only of those shows I watch, so I guess it has to be my favourite. :)

  15. I would have to go with Ghost Hunters as well. I know that it is tired and needs a rest but it is the original, whether we like it or not, it is shows like this and Finding Bigfoot that bring what our interests into the public consciousness.

  16. Hmm...I guess I would have to go with Ghost Hunters since the other 2 started after I stopped watching Syfy (except for Destination Truth....and where has that been?)