"F'ing Bigfoot" Reviewed: Season 2 Begins!

Yahoo! New season of my favorite new show "Finding Bigfoot," or as I affectionately refer to it, "F'ing Bigfoot" since "FB" means Facebook. And, with all the frustration hunting after an animal that doesn't want to be found, I'm sure the team often uses that curse. I love the show so much, I've done two comedy pieces about it (Laugh/Comedy button above).

You know I love this show because I was up until midnight watching it. WTF - Cox cable? I find the video to be wrong--something about it just doesn't jive and perhaps it's the concept that an upright ape swings in trees. Perhaps it's the fact the tree doesn't move, just the branch. If you swing from a limb on a tree, especially the gymnastics that looked like--the tree should move. It wasn't moving.

I did appreciate Ranae being brave and wanting to tent up and see what happens. I'd like to see the team trek through woods and camp out in more episodes. I want that scary around the campfire feel, them waking up at night with their IR camera talking to us about hearing something outside and going to investigate. Give me some Blair Witch!

As always, I adore the show. It works just right for me. Not too soft, not too hard, just right. I appreciated the concept of putting an ape out there and see what happens. Why not? I'm all about testing theories, trying new things, attacking stuff through the side door instead of the front door.

I appreciated this high-energy episode and Cliff, honey, I'm glad you survived the stand-in as the chimp in the tree. You are the heart and soul of the show, cutie.


  1. I did not know that bigfoot swim and pulls down geese for food did you ? and that the eat deer and that have little family running around , They sure seem to know a lot out bigfoot for having no real proof that he exist, D

  2. I'm always surprised when people speak with any degree of know-it-all about a subject one cannot hold and study in a lab or in the field. I've been in ghost hunting for quite some time and I can't say anything with certainty, but I do try to test theories. When people tell me things like "spirits drain batteries," I have to ask, "really, and you know this how? Where is this great book that has all the facts because I never received one???" We make a lot of assumptions. This creature absolutely needs protein to maintain such a muscle mass, like a bear does. Pretty much, what a bear eats, we can assume a Sasquatch eats. I'm entertained by theories, of course, but this show is most fun when it interacts with witnesses and takes to the woods at nighttime. I'd like to see them do a special that is maybe two episodes of a hiking/camping extended expedition in Washington/Oregon. That would be totally awesome.


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