Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" Tonight on Animal Planet!

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" is on tonight.

Expect me to replace these foot pics with a new special "Finding Bigfoot" shot each week starting next week. 

Remember, I will be live blogging on Bigfoot Evidence. Shawn, the site's host will be giving the commentary about what is occurring during the episode while I get to MST3000 it. I will also be doing the F'ing Bigfoot drinking game--one swallow of beer for every "squatch" term used. Man, I'm gonna feel bad tomorrow! Expect on the review for me to tell you how many hits I took.

I love F'ing Bigfoot!


  1. This is the one time I wish I had cable.It's my choice not to have it though.I can't find the FB show on YT anymore.
    The "squatch" drinking game sounds like fun!

  2. SasquaiNation--You get something better--you get to live the show through our live blogging. Shawn will give the details, I will give the, well, sass.

  3. I will pass on the drinking but I will be watching.

  4. it's going to be an awesome live blog/commentary :) you don't need cable for that :P

  5. @Shawn & Autumn:Are you kidding,I never miss your live blogging!!
    It's right up there with Cliff's field notes and debrief.