Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" tonight on Animal Planet!

Tonight's new episode of F'ing Bigfoot on Animal Planet has an almost preposterous location--the smallest state in The Union--Rhode Island. How is that possible? Well, you know that geeky me is going to be avidly watching tonight to see. I love these guys. You can have this Scooby Doo gang of BF hunting going to the desert of Nevada and I'm all over it.

Tonight's snack?

Bigfoot Trail Mix

Mini Marshmallows
Honey Teddy Graham cookies
Reece's Pieces
Mini Pretzels

Talk to y'all tomorrow about it!


  1. Seriously--this is my favorite night of the week.

  2. Rhode Island...are you kidding me? We have football blaring right now and I read your post to my family (because as i have told you before, my son is all about cryptids) and they thought I was kidding and that it was a Family Guy spoof. Had I not just taken a pain killer, I would be going to the store for the ingredients for that Bigfoot Trail Mix. You better believe I will be making it tomorrow! Thanks =D

  3. Melanie--it cracked me up too. I'm waiting for them to do an episode where they go looking for BF in Hawaii and at some point Ranae has to wear a swimsuit. Oh, wait, this isn't Syfy channel--haha.

  4. Yeah, what a good night for television; Finding Bigfoot, Once Upon a Time and Shameless. Yahoo!!

  5. those treats... bf snacks sound wonderful. did you catch a bigfoot?

  6. RZ-Can't seem to catch a BF, but I might have packed on a few pounds with the BF snacks.

  7. Oh crap, I missed it! Did they find him?

    (And does it mean Bigfoot has officially been classified as an animal now, being featured on "Animal Planet"?)