Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

Yes, Patty in the picture above is giving you the finger. She's still staying nice and hidden and taunting us, causing us all to curse, "F'ing Bigfoot!"

Well, last night I did live blogging at Bigfoot Evidence. Holy smokes! The blogger, Shawn, gave commentary of what was occurring during the episode and he let me just have at it for poking fun of the show while taking a sip of beer for every "Squatch" they say.

Squatch count? 47 (that's 6 more than last week and I am going to blame Matt-in one sentence, he can say it 4 times!)

This was a gorgeous setting and I so enjoyed the Native American portion of it, I wish they'd do a BF show with them as the characters using a spiritual-tracking-at-one-with-nature approach but not like that granola-eating, sandal-wearing Todd Standing. If you're intrigued by his "standing" on Bigfoot, you gotta check out his entertaining site. It's a hoot! I'm calling him the David Koresh of the BF world. I think he believes he's building a cult amongst the BFs.

The location was so damn cold and snowy in the "warm" season that it seemed like they should have left BF a nice huge fur coat and then he might have shown himself. The witnesses weren't too exciting, but the one who said he was camping and BF whizzed on his tent was pretty convincing. It's good to know too that the stream was heavy and steady--healthy prostate.

It didn't have a lot of convincing anything in this episode, but I seriously don't care if they study a strip of woods behind a subdivision in Cleveland. I'm happy to see these guys on the road being who they are, saying hilarious assumptions about the habits of BF, trying new tricks like the mechanical deer, and screaming like a bunch of wusses riding a zipline.


  1. ya know matt monymaker is geting annoing as a fantic. Autum I like the show but bobo said it best when matt ran after a bigfoot in the woods "you cant catch a squatch at night in the woods ". or the preview of next weeks show questioning renee's ablity of tracking .. matt realy need to be less of a fanatic and more a resurcher..

  2. That's a nifty little yetty figurine. :D

  3. Your photo is making me weak in the knees. I must seek a fainting couch immediately.


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