"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

You know "F'ing Bigfoot" (my abbreviation) is my favorite show now, so y'all knew I'd have to make a tank top. It's kind of my thing. You might notice that Patty the BF is giving the finger as she passes by... She's basically saying "just try and find me!"

Best line from BoBo this episode: "Come on big 9-footer. Show yourself. Come on baby. Just give us one good knock." He also screamed, "Come on you hairy bastard!" (But I'm pretty sure he was talking to Matt)

I had a sip of beer for every "squatch" and by the 15-minute break, 14 count. Nothing like seeing Cliff giddy killing trees, Matt being paranoid about broken branches, and BoBo having his usual one-man party in the dark waiting for his big buddy to come out and play.

I think the show needs a theme song. Something like Gilligan's island. Or perhaps The Munsters"

Or perhaps "Cheers" is more appropriate--

I love this show! I have determined that Ranae is painfully logical and may not have an imagination, but she does have a sense of humor and can keep up with the boys--she's got my double thumbs up. Cliff is a big enthusiastic puppy dog, intelligent and well spoken. BoBo is like that mountain hermit who names the critters in his territory. He's marching to his own drummer. Matt is paranoid and a curmudgeon, but who better to keep the kids in line? It's pretty funny. I love the chemistry.

Do I think Minnesota has BF's? I think it's very likely. If you go anywhere west of the Mississippi and further north, the chances go up. The west is soooo vast still. People back east don't get it until they come out here and drive for hours without seeing signs of habitation.

I love this show! Don't miss my live blogging I did on Bigfoot Evidence last night while the show was running. I got to make remarks about it while it was on and also get pretty damn buzzed--took one sip of beer for every "squatch" said. The final squatch count was -- 41. I'm a lightweight--it about did me in!


  1. If that was me sipping those beers, I would have missed the end of the show, haha!

  2. That's an awesome shirt Autumn!
    It's a good thing you stick to beer,otherwise you'd be sporting a wicked hangover today.

  3. Seriously. I always say, one beer and I'm comfortable, 2 beers and I'm vivacious, 3 beers and the clothes start coming off, 4 beers and I'm sound asleep. I got to 2-1/2 beers, so I was getting rather chilly. Those guys seriously need a new word. I'm glad I didn't include "Bigfoot" because that was used almost as much.

    1. I got to 2-1/2 beers, so I was getting rather chilly.

      Ermm. {pulls up chair}
      Newsletter? Pamphlet? Subscription?

  4. I've never liked the word "squatch".But I guess every show needs a catch phrase,lol.

  5. I think I hear a squatch LMAO.... stupidest show on tv...........

  6. I second the notion that they need a new word. I am sorry but a squatch sounds like something terrible that you stepped in. Personally, I would not want to offend the Big Guy and I doubt they appreciate the liberty taken with their name. Glad they did not get any higher on the squatch scale during this show - beer hangovers are nasty!


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