Monday, January 9, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

First, I want to thank Bigfoot Evidence for thinking I'm witty enough and enough of a geek to live comment on the show. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to play MST3000 for bad movies and I love to make commentary during reality shows. It really was a blast!

The Finding Bigfoot team went to Rhode Island (not a typo--they went to the smallest state in the crowded NE waterfront)

Some women filmed a supposed BF while driving down the road, camera aimed out the window at the things passing them in a blur and the team asked, "why was that film blurry?" Hmm...makes no sense to me. hee hee

I've decided this show needs a "squatch" drinking game, but I think that with a work day tomorrow, it could be dangerous. Fifteen minutes into the show, the word "squatch" or "squatchy" was used about 15 times.

Some of the town stories were rather unusual, like a white gorilla chasing a dude on a bike. There's a story to tell your buddies over some beers.

People balk "F'ing Bigfoot" because they impatiently want the show to expose BF and do something monumental and groundbreaking, but this is just like ghost hunting. It involves tons and tons of hours of nothing at all happening and then it's edited down to those moments there was something questionable that occurred. It's not a science lab. It's real life. This is what real investigators go through, although most don't get access to so many witnesses and have a film crew and money backing them. Most investigators are pissing off their wives spending money on FLIR cameras and going camping on the weekends. When I was ghost hunting and "Ghost Hunters" came on TV, my first thought was, "how can you make this boooooring hobby interesting?" Then, when it was popular, I realized that it was doing something cool--showing people what we go through in our search for answers.

I'm pleased that the team tries new things. They don't do the same methods every time. I like too that they're willing to have people camp out or go in there alone. I would love to see an episode where they have so much activity, they set up a camp and sit there and listen to the forest come alive. I think most people are scared of the sounds of the woods at night -- hence the popularity of "Blair Witch Project."

Keep up the good work, team! Thanks Animal Planet for the best reason to stay up until midnight on a Sunday night!

Favorite Moments: Dude on a bike being chased by a white gorilla. Ranae up a tree in a ghillie suit with a parabolic on a deer stand. Cliff is so stoked when he encounters a barred owl, that he says excitedly "I love bigfooting!" I agree, Cliff! Be sure to see tomorrow's post about Autumnforest's Crush--you might like the subject of one of my crushes....

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  1. Had to take a muscle relaxer and totally fell asleep...can't wait to watch the DVR!