Fear of the Dark

Nyctophobia- Fear of darkness or night

We have it when we are usually 2-3 years old and possess an imagination at that point, but too young to understand that imagination isn't real.

Still, as adults, those who love horror movies know something else that ties back to those years of fear of the dark, that we can imagine something scary and react to it, heart beating, palms sweating, jumping and hiding. 

Technically, do we ever learn to distinguish imagination from real threat? Here's just some movies about the dark that might make you wonder....

"Darkness Falls"

"Pitch Black"

"30 Days of Night"

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"


  1. The dark is very eerie for sure, especially if you are in a dark forest with all kinds of creatures roaming around.

  2. Xocolatophobia Fear of chocolate I'm glad that I don't have that one. Can you imagine freaking out every time you saw chocolate bar???

    Make it go away ... make it go away!!!

  3. I actually once worked with a hypnotist to learn an aversion to chocolate. It did not work. She had me imagine sitting in a theater and seeing tons of chocolate in every form on a big screen and then to play the scene smaller and smaller and smaller. I left the office and went straight to Baskin Robbins for a chocolate cone. It just made me think of chocolate-chocolate-chocolate.


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