Excerpt from "Growing Up With Ghosts"

I'm working furiously on my upcoming book "Growing Up With Ghosts." It's the accounts by my family members and myself of what happened when I was growing up at Aspen Grove. The stories are best read in the dark, in your room, before bedtime....

Here's an excerpt from a quote of mine at the beginning of a chapter.

Voices with no one there, footfalls in an empty space; all normal physics for a child who grows up in an actively haunted house. There is nothing to fear. The home is filled with family, events, sleepovers, visitors, holidays, and in between all that, there are occasional glimpses of more than just the usual. When you grow up in it, it's the house being quirky, just like any loved one who is eccentric, unpredictable, and prone to occasional outbursts.” (Author, Sharon Day)

***Tonight is a marathon of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, and since I'm dateless, I guess I'm spending it with Zak and the Boyz. I will not do the drinking game, as they will be showing back-to-back episodes and alcohol poisoning is not the way I want to go. I was sort of hoping of dying in bed--but not in my sleep (wink) ***


  1. Looks like it is shaping up nicely!

  2. Thank you, Barry. I find myself re-reading it in the dark, so that is a good sign. I was able to get a lot of information from all the family members and the varied stories amongst them as well as ones we shared together. Its sort of the anatomy of a haunting.

  3. Oh, I already know the book's gonna be great... I just want to say what an adorable kid you were!!


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