Monday, January 16, 2012

Doll Island: Creepy Past, Creepier Present

An island on Teshuilo Lake in Mexico is in a quiet out of the way place, but perhaps not all that quiet.  Let me tell you all a tale....

In the late 1950s, Don Julian Santana Barrera moved his family to the island and it was a lonely isolated place which was just what he liked. 

It was said that 30 years previously, 3 girls were playing on the island and one drowned. Her spirit supposedly told the man to give her dolls as an offering.

Now, the backstory on Don is that where he previously lived, the locals thought of him as the town drunk (you know, like Otis on "Andy Griffith Show"). He moved far away to the isolated island farm to be left alone.

Over the decades, he filled the island with doll offerings. Supposedly many years later he died of heart failure in the same spot the girl had died. Now, that sounds more like legend. But, here is some of the factors to consider before dismissing the supernatural...

Even if this is a romantic local legend, apparently the girl did drown there and whether he was a drunk who was imaging conversations, he filled the island with dolls, many of them contributed and filled with the energy of each owner, on an island where a girl died. A lonely little girl, found objects of delight, and a drunken man with a mindset that perhaps made the whole conjuring easier.

This is a tale played out by Josh Gates who did an episode of "Destination Truth" on the island. Just when he stared at it, a doll's eyes opened!


  1. I would rather stuff a Blue Krait down my jodhpurs than step one foot on that island. The Naturalist shudders at the thought.

  2. Nat, I didn't tell you, dear, but when Bigfoot officiates our vows, I wanted to have the wedding on Doll Island. I guess the nuptials are off, then, hmm???

  3. Oh, I'd totally go there! I love a creepy doll anyway, but Doll Island strikes me as having the same melancholy beauty and poignancy that I love about old gothic cemeteries.

  4. Now, there's no reason to be irrational... I suppose I could take some of Dr. Bombay's nerve tonic, and if I were to get the vapors you would catch me, wouldn't you?

  5. Doll Island gives me the heebie jeebies!

  6. What a cool place. I'd love to go there.

    Naturalist, maybe you could wear steel toe boots instead?