Dale the Doll: If Presidents Are Puppets--Sign Me Up!

I'm contemplating this presidential election thing. I think I could make a pretty good president. If presidents are puppets, then I am overqualified and, what's more, no one will ever complain about me being a puppet going in because I've been real upfront about that.

Whoever has the dough to grease my wheels, I'll move my mouth and their voice will come out. I think this is an ideal gig for me. Plus, I always wanted to sleep in Lincoln's Bedroom.

I don't mind someone pulling my strings, so no conscience troubles there. I was made for this kind of game.

Yup, consider Dale the Doll in 2012. At least I'm honest about whose lap I'm sitting on.

Oh, and if you nominate me, I will have Skittles the Clown as my running mate. Every president should have a clown at this side.


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