Friday, January 27, 2012

Creepy Abandoned Building With Faces

In the town of Yarnell, AZ, Julie and I came across a crazy little abandoned building that looked like it was once owned by an eccentric artist.

The front door was fascinating.
While staring at the place, I looked at the vines on the window and startled and gasped when I saw a ghost-like face looking back (what whimsy!)
Then, as I studied it closer, I noticed that at the ends of the struts holding up the eaves were little wooden carved faces dried out and aged by the desert sun...
I've never had a reason to desire to live in an abandoned abode, but this would be the one I would choose. I can't explain how the place felt, except it called to me and I kept coming back and just wanting to stand there. Happy, creative energy and whimsy and a bit of spooky lingering mystery....  

Just my kind of place!


  1. I got that kind of feeling standing in front of that place too. It would be great to buy it and the building attached for doing crafts, writing and selling books. It had an artsy feel to it.

  2. What a fascinating place. Had I seen that face in the window I might have required a second pair of jodhpurs!

    PS: your photos are excellent!

  3. Thank you, Nat. I need to get a quality camera. I do sooooo love photographing these wonders.

  4. oh boy those wooden heads are the coolest, how do you find yourself not wanting to shoot on those alone...