Friday, January 6, 2012

Cohost For a Ghost?

I believe that ghostly phenomena follows humans. I'm not saying a particular ghosts follows a person around the globe, but I have found that very often someone experiencing a haunting has had this happen in other locations.

We are either attracting it, feeding it, or a necessary part of its ability to show itself or be perceived.

You know the old puzzle, "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to pick up the sound waves and process it in their brain, does that mean it makes a sound?" Well, do we need humans to perceive ghostly activity? If a human is not around, does the activity occur?

The house I grew up in was more active for some families than others. We can't say the haunting went away, we can simply say that either there were not people who could discern it or they were not of a psychophysiology of the residents to affect it and allow it to play out.

I talk often of how without equipment we can detect ghosts better than any meter or recording device because we use our senses in real time in a 3-dimensional situation and extend to our sixth sense.

It is that sixth sense that I believe is the passageway by which these unexplained things can make themselves be known.

Without the right people in a building or a place, it is devoid of activity. In other words, you cannot have a haunting without first having a living person in that location. I have seen those infamous ghost cams with supposed apparitions showing up when no one is there, but the truth about video/photographic evidence is that it's so impossible to interpret and does not pick up what for humans is an interpretive process. As I would not expect a viewer of the Food Channel to be able to accurately tell me about the taste and smell of a meal prepared on Bobby Flay's show, I would not expect a person viewing a photograph to have an understanding of the situation unless they were present when it was taken.

I went to an historic cemetery once as a kid. People had reported seeing a woman's figure in a white gown weaving in and out of the headstones. Of the thousands that went there every year and narrowed down to the dozens who were there as it got dark, only two or three might have experienced seeing her. We can say the lady is tied to the land, but perhaps this visual cannot be seen without the right cohost for a ghost.


  1. That would be pretty exciting to grow up in a haunted house. lol.

  2. I thought the title was backwards until I read this. Still, I can't shake the idea of having a ghost for a co-host.

  3. My mom believes ghosts follow her. She has tons of stories.

  4. I agree 100% You would be amazed how many people shoot this idea down though. Not getting in depth to much....I think there are different "types" of beings we dont understand yet. Some to do with afterlife and others to do with dimensions.

  5. Very insightful thoughts there! Makes sense.