Choosing a Paranormal Book: Which One Is For You?

You like creepy cases that sound amazing, might be real, might not be real, but keep you wondering....
The World Of Ted Serios by Jule Eisenbud, M.D. This intriguing book chronicles a Chicago bellhop who supposedly could get quite drunk and manage to put his psychic images onto Polaroid camera film. The psychiatrist (author) found him to be authentic. The imagines are intriguing, the story convoluted. Whether this was true or not, it makes for interesting reading and supposition and one may draw their own assumptions.  

You want to know what it's like to ghost hunt and do things that might be a little dark and dangerous.... 
Ghost by Katherine Ramsland This book has a woman investigator communicating with a vampire whose lover had died. She had the lover's ring and felt he was communicating with her. She goes on a dangerous venture while learning how to ghost hunt and dealing with a vampire who might be rather deadly.  

You want to read something based on reported events that is so scary that reading it in the dark is pushing your limits of bravery....
Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp

You want all things paranormal in one book....
Paranormal World by Gregory Branson-Trent
This book is a compilation of all things paranormal in one big fat juicy book. Great reference, great quick reads to cover everything from UFOs to Bigfoot, ghosts to werewolves. You love cemeteries, photography, and all things dark and goth.... Beautiful Death by David Robinson This is the most beautiful picture book ever, showing cemeteries and creepy statues from around the world. Perfect goth coffee table book.  

You love cryptids....
"Bigfoot: The True Story of Apes in America" by Loren Coleman
I consider Loren Coleman to be the folklorist of Bigfoot in America. He is the keeper of the stories and the legend. His stories are beautifully written and totally engaging and you can find him writing regularly for Cryptomundo (I consider them to be one of my top news feeds).


  1. Thank you for these recommendations...I just wish that the whole paranormal/cryptid section at the bookstore were larger.

  2. Haha. I just realized I didn't put up my own book "Was That a Ghost?" That helps people realize if they encountered the paranormal. Silly lady! Haha


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