Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogs To Add

Looking for a horror blog to follow? Try Horror Web Blog.

Want something quirky and unusual to make you chuckle? Try A Beer for the Shower.

Love the show "F'ing Bigfoot" (Finding Bigfoot--I have to shorten it for fun). Try North American Bigfoot. Cliff tells the insider scoop of the show and is a gracious and adorable host.

Looking to make a trip to a haunted locale? Try Haunt Jaunts.

Want to read reviews of awesome gothic, steampunk and occult books? Try Gnostalgia.

Do you you like hilarious artistic portrayals of pop culture figures and rock videos? Try Max Evel.

For an awesome southwestern crafts/arts/home/living/lifestyle blog, try My Southwestern Life.

Want to be in on the most freaking awesome ongoing posts and up-to-the-minute posts where the commenters take over in amazing debates? Try Bigfoot Evidence. You will find me there a LOT.

Best news feed to put on your Google homepage-Cryptomundo.

And, keep your eyes on my blog list in the bottom left--it might give you an idea of what I check in on daily.


  1. Thanks for the mention Sharon , I am glad to be back , so others can feel the power of Evelness.
    Really , I don't know what that means. I like to ramble on about nothing . So how are you ?
    Okay , I have to go now .