Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bigfoot Community: You Can't Make This Shit Up!

There are a lot of characters in the growing Bigfoot industry. Remember the old days when you could name the big guys and count them on one hand? You know, Peter Byrne (charming chap with a UK dialect and Khaki clothing) John Green (a gentle-spirited Canadian), Grover Krantz (the intellectual professor)?

The closest even-keeled characters we have today are folks like Jeff Meldrum, Cliff Barackman, and Mike Rugg.

Today, the industry is different. Sort of like an inbred family--you don't know what you're gonna get.

Why? Social Media? Television? Radio? Newspapers? Magazines? It seems that BF is not just for Jack Link ads and Steve Austin to wrestle nowadays. He is the most sought after commodity for everything from gun-wielding conservative rednecks to survivalist outcasts, from publicity seekers to money-grubbing circus ringmasters. You want to know some of the cast of colorful characters?

These people are real (well as real as reality TV attention-seekers):

Tom Biscardi: This circus ringleader has been rushing around the country throwing money at hoaxed pieces of Bigfoot. You can thank him for this press conference about the gorilla suit in a freezer--

Rick Dyer: Remember the Bigfoot is actually a gorilla suit in a refrigerator fiasco? Thank this guy and his buddy. He could have crawled under a rock, but he came out and admitted that the Men in Black `dun stole his Bigfoot.

Jim LeBus: This delightful-in-camo dude is a hoot--I like him, but then I love my nerds and, yes, nerds even happen in the survivalist world, especially there.

Justin Smeja" This hunter confessed he shot a BF. No, he didn't just shoot a BF in the back with its hands in the air while he had a perfectly safe truck to get back into and leave, he also went after its kid and shot and killed it. He claims to have taken a hunk of the "steak" with him and gave it to a scientist (this gets better and better by the minute) who is doing DNA testing on it.

No, wait, it gets better--Russia has video of a captured BF in a cage.... (sorry, I'm laughing so hard, I can't type)

All I have to say is cue the music---


  1. I think you're making this all up. this cant be true.

  2. "It's the Greatest Show on Earth!" (cue the music-again)

  3. God help Bigfoot if he does exist and we ever get our hands on him. Yikes.

  4. Melba Ketchum has posted the following on her Facebook wall "I had no fear, the ones I encountered were peaceful and gentle. I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now."

  5. I think I just may get into hunting big foot since everyone else is doing it. lol.

  6. You know that blue-collar comedy group? I'm thinking BF comedy group and just have them be themselves.

  7. You can't blame people for being drawn to the easy fame (infamy?) of reality television, especially the kooks. But it's always a detriment to the credibility of those who have been seriously working in any field where pseudo-celebrities continue to bob up like turds in a punch bowl.

  8. Seems like everybody and their brother wants their 15 mins of fame. Everybody EXCEPT BigFoot!

  9. Don't forget those kooks at AZCRO.

  10. Most of the folks who have tried to capitalize on there BIGFOOT stories often are found to be Hoaxers trying to make a buck!!! real researchers have phd's and starve tring to get there papers and books published.

  11. DAYUM there's two hot redheads on this blog! It doesn't get any better than that.

  12. Jim LeBus has grown on me.At first I thought he was offensive,but after watching his videos on YT,I can see something there.
    Having said that,I'd wish he would lose the Rambo persona.He's articulate,creative and offers some good advice.
    I guess "eccentric" is all the rage on T.V.
    The rest that you mention I can do without.