Autumnforest Crushes: Josh Gates

Those of you who read my blog during last season of "Destination Truth" know a couple of things: 1. I have a crush on Josh Gates. 2. I am Photoshop challenged. Every week, in honor of the show being on, I wrote adolescent Bieber-crush-like diary entries about Josh and the show that night, along with a Photoshopped pic of him that suited the episode that night. I plan to do it again this upcoming season.

What is it that earns my adoration? I am thrilled when I find people who are living up to their influences and their potential. Josh is gregarious and funny, smart and adventurous. He had influences like his deep sea diving father and travel at a young age around the globe. He studied archaeology (my first major in college) and acting (my major in high school). He looks freaking awesome in Khakis--my favorite thing on men other than jeans and a black tee. The thing is, using your talents and your influences to come together in that magic that is success. He found his groove and he is grooving it so nicely.

I adore his new book "Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" is an amazingly fun book about the background of the show and his adventures and his thoughts on those adventures. I love my nerds and khaki-wearing adventurers, but especially those with a sense of humor. Without humor, intelligence is dull.


  1. Oh, I have lusted after him since I first seen Destination Truth!!!!!!! He is so freeeeken funny and gorgeous.!!

  2. Josh and Ben OOH LA LA... I agree with ya partner. they are both sexy..


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