Autumnforest Crushes: Cliff Barackman

It's another in my weekly series about the "nerds" I adore in the fields of science, discovery, paranormal, adventure, and spirituality.

Today, I want to talk about Cliff Barackman. I've had my eye on the Bigfoot world for some time and every now and then a voice in the field comes forward that chimes in with my feelings about the subject. I first noticed Cliff in some shows that he popped up in and some things he said in the BF field that made me think, "okay, this guy is good people." Then, he got himself a position on the team for the fabulous Animal Planet show, "Finding Bigfoot" (I affectionately abbreviate it F'ing Bigfoot). I came to find him a logical, enthusiastic, humorous, big-hearted, outdoorsy kind of guy and rather easy on the eyes too (yes, Autumnforest is batting her lashes furiously).

In a field fraught with big egos and pompous asses, it is so refreshing to find someone who is not jaded by the process of searching for something so elusive, is kind and respectful, as well as just plain goofy and fun. I seriously would like to hear his Bigfoot calls in the shower. (yes, Autumnforest is batting her eyelashes furiously again). He admittedly looks very nice in those Eddie Bauer type of outdoorsy clothes I love to see men in. (No, the lashes haven't stopped batting)

There are few voices in the field that are reasonable and that I listen to with the respect they deserve. Men like Mike Rugg, Loren Coleman, Jeff Meldrum and Cliff Barackman have my full attention. I want to hear what they think. I put value and weight in their perspective. Good men are hard to come by, but good men in the Bigfoot industry, are as precious as gold.

You know what I'm doing Sunday nights--watching "F'ing Bigfoot" on Animal Planet (and perhaps sighing dreamily). You will also find me live blogging during the show on Bigfoot Evidence blog -- doing a kind of MST3000 commentary, having fun with my favorite show!


  1. I haven't seen Finding Bigfoot yet. To be honest, all the talk about it being fake kind of put me off the show but I don't know. I might give it a try.

  2. not a bad looking older gentlemen. lol. :D

  3. Please do see the show--it's no fake-ish at all. If you like to see people ask questions about evidence, talk to witnesses and hit the woods in search of an encounter--it's got it all. It only represents the industry for viewers which is all it can do in 45 minutes.
    "Older gentleman?" He's a man, not a boy, which is probably another reason why he's so attractive.

  4. It would be fun to go squatching with him. I would like to hear those BF calls in person.

  5. Hi
    I love your site, just happened on it when researching string theory and ghosts. I actually have a photo I'd love for you to look at. It's about 5 years old. But I've never had anyone explain it "away."


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