Sunday, January 8, 2012

4th Dimension Psychic Retrieval?

If a spirit is a being in a 4D world, then the explanation of a ghost being "stuck" in a space makes sense if you listen to the video above and the ability for a 4D being to exist in the same space. This also explains the sense of being watched, catching an apparition (seeing only the part of the entity we can perceive in the 3-D world), and even manipulation of 3D objects in our world by unseen forces. It would also explain those haunted locales that feel as though something new is passing in and out of it all the time, like a "portal" or "gateway."

I'm not going to delve into the ghostly possibilities of a 4D world in this post, but I will take this concept and discuss retrieval of psychic information. I have discussed before the synesthetic way I store time and information in a sort of 3D space around me. This retrieval method is a hard one to explain. By looking with my eyes in certain positions and certain distance from my body, "files" in my mind open up to give me information. It feels very much like a safe cracker listening and feeling for that little click that tells him "this is the one!"

This system had me wondering if the often referred to Akashic Records where supposedly all knowledge is held, is actually the 4th dimension and by accessing this space, one is able to gather information we shouldn't otherwise know but that those in the 4th dimension do know because they have full access to the 3-dimensional world as we have full access to 2-dimensional images.

There are times that it would appear that man is able to pass through the 3D to the 4D and that time would be near-death experiences. The places, colors, textures, feels of that plane to them feel so real that coming back to this 3-dimensional world suddenly feels false and flat. It's hard for us to imagine the fourth dimension, but it is likely something in which they can be in the same space as us as we are able to watch a television screen in our 3-dimensional world. We can't go into the TV and be 2D with the images, but we can view them and get all the visceral and emotional responses that make it possible to stare at the box endlessly on our days off.

If photographs and drawings represent things in our 3D world on a 2D plane, then is it possible that we represent that which is in the 4D world, a kind of facsimile that is missing that other dimension that makes us interrelate-able with that dimension? We can look at a picture of our loved one and smile, but we cannot make love to that picture (well, not without a decidedly lacking luster).

This is all an intriguing voyage as I work to understand my psychic skills, being a person who is logic-minded and doesn't think things are truly magical, even if they may appear so. Magic is really something explainable of which we don't know the explanation yet.


  1. Yes...this is very interesting. I think the whole multi dimensional thing is possible - its just that we can only see things in our dimension. I wonder sometimes if there are in fact beings in other dimensions laughing at me or messing with my business!

  2. I just wrote a short story about such multi-dimensional possibilities.