Winter Reading: Weird USA

The book Weird USA: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman is a book that every one of my readers should have on his/her shelf.

There are also versions of this for the states, so look for "Weird Arizona" and "Weird Virginia" and all the other states too! If you're hoping to hit the road and see weird, scary, and insane places in your own state when the snow thaws, start planning now. I absolutely love this book series.

Did you know that...

In Neptune, NJ on Essex Road, long ago in the late 1800s families of albinos lived there, deep in the woods. The legend has it that they got sick of people coming and looking at them, so they started murdering them in a slaughterhouse.

The Melon Heads of Michigan: The story says there was a kid with a huge melon head and he got made fun of. The parents moved to the middle of the woods. They started inbreeding and hated society. They made a breed of huge-headed people who would make a high-pitched scream before attacking. It is said that if you go into the Allegan woods, you will find weird carvings in the trees, skulls, and pentagrams.

The book is filled with tons of local legends, mysteries, unexplained things, paranormal happenings, and the plain old weird and bizarre. It is not only super fun reading, but it's my take-along book when I travel. I like that the stories are short depending on if I'm waiting for a flight or sitting in a motel room and sometimes I get so inspired by a local legend, I have to go chase it.

I actually put this on my top 5 favorite paranormal reference books.


  1. I noticed that book sitting on your shelf. I was thinking of ordering it for myself. It sounds like a fun travel book and you know how much I love to travel.


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